Sound/Stage Layout for St. Louis Rivermen, Undated



Sound/Stage Layout for St. Louis Rivermen, Undated


Typed list of equipment and stage plot requirements for Jean Kittrell and the St. Louis Rivermen, including a sketched stage layout for microphone and monitor positioning. There are some handwritten additions as well. This and other similar documents were part of Jean Kittrell's process of performance planning, created in collaboration with the rest of her band.


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Jean Kittrell and St. Louis Rivermen
Equipment other than sound:
1. Stage - at least 12' deep x 20' wide depending on how big the piano is.
2. Piano - tuned and in good playing condition with bench or stool.
3. Straight chair with back but NO ARMS for banjoist.
4. Bar sstool 3' to 4' high for sousaphonist.
5. Piano bench regular height - about 22"
Sound Equipment and Stage Plot:
1. Mike amplification for piano with appropriate mike stand. (I leave the piano amplifications to you. One or two pressure zone microphones (PZM) work well for the piano.)
2. Sousaphonist will bring his own cordless Shure system, so he needs no mike or mike stand, but he will require an input into the amplified. He has both high and low impedance connectors.
3. 5 additional mikes
1 - pianist vocal 1 - banjo 1 - clarinet 1 - cornet 1 - trombone
4. 5 mike stands:
2 with boom arm - pianist's vocal, and banjo
3 regular stands
5. 2 monitors
6. Mike and monitor layout: [diagram]
(a) pianist's vocal mike on stand with boom arm
(b) banjoist's mike on stand with boom arm
(c) clarinet mike with stand
(d) cornet mike with stand
(e) trombone mike with stand
(f) 2 monitors
7. We can work with one less mike if necessary by placing the cornet and trombone on the same mike. We can also work without the monitors if necessary.

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Kittrell, Jean, “Sound/Stage Layout for St. Louis Rivermen, Undated,” Digital Exhibits, accessed July 22, 2024,

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