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Yoch Collection.pdf
This collection contains the genealogy and history of the Yoch family (1847-1978) from the time Chrisian and Katherine Yoch came to Belleville, Illinois from Germany in 1847. It also contains materials related to the Yoch Coal Mine.

This collection consists of the handwritten sermons of Ebenezer Rodgers, 1820-1830 and his personal account books.

Ebenezer Rodgers was born in Monmouthshire, England in 1788. He was educated in ministry in England before traveling to America in…

The William G. Bek Collection consists of carbon copies of translations by Bek of various manuscripts describing the life and activities of the German community in St. Louis in the 19th century. There are also reprints of articles by Bek about German…

Faessler Family Collection.pdf
Transcript of taped interview with Eva (Faessler) Weissenbach on her family's history who emigrated from Switzerland to Illinois and eventually to Belleville, Illinois area. The interview was by Delta Masterson of the Lovejoy Library, Southern…

Laesser-Wirz Collection.pdf
The Wirz-Laesser Collection contains photocopies of documents relating to Heinrich Wirz and Adolph Laesser including immigration, travel documents, certificates, death notice of Wirz who was a half brother of Laessser. Wirz emigrated from the canton…

Bohm, Smith, Keiser Family Documents, 1845-1974.pdf
The Bohm, Smith, Keiser Family Documents consists of family papers for these families as they settled in the Metro-East and Madison County, Illinois area.
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