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The meeting minutes of the Madison County Board from May 13, 1926 through September 9, 2001

Madison County School District, Highland, IL.pdf
Three leather bound journals, each includes school board election results, minutes, teachers' contracts, and financial statements

Irving Dilliard Collection.pdf
These collections contain the professional papers of Irving Dilliard. Dilliard was a native of Collinsville, Illinois and worked as a journalist and editor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from the 1920s until his retirement in 1960.

Mayor William E Mason 64-79.pdf
This collection contains the business, official, personal office files of former Mayor William E. Mason, East St. Louis, Illinois. It includes the office records, accounting and payroll records, correspondence plus correspondence of Leroy Gruber,…

This collection contains transcriptions and audio cassettes of interviews conducted by Delta Barber Masterson between 1979 and 1983 with retired southern Illinois coal miners and relatives of coal miners. The collection also includes photographs,…

Mudge Collection.pdf
The Mudge Family Collection contains six scrapbooks of newspaper clippings about the Civil War labeled 'Incidents in the War of Abolition' by Susan Hotchkiss Mudge (Mrs. Solomon Mudge).

Solomon and Susan Mudge were from New England but lived in…

The Margaret Mulberry Collection consists of the personal papers, professional papers, and photographs of pioneering teacher for mentally and physically handicapped children, Margaret Mulberry. Miss Mulberry may have been one of the first, if not…

N.O. Nelson Collection.pdf
This collection contains correspondence, clippings, photographs, etc. related to the life of N.O. Nelson of the N.O. Nelson Manufacturing Company in St. Louis, Missouri and the founder of Leclaire, Illinois in 1890, a model company town founded on…

Richland Creek Flood Collection.pdf
This collection contains transcripts and tapes of interviews concerning the Richland Creek Flood in Belleville, Illinois, 1957. Copies of articles from newspapers on earlier floods in the 1880s and 1897, 1904, 1908, 1911, 1918, 1922, 1942, 1946 are…
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