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Irving Dilliard Collection.pdf
These collections contain the professional papers of Irving Dilliard. Dilliard was a native of Collinsville, Illinois and worked as a journalist and editor for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch from the 1920s until his retirement in 1960.

Mudge Collection.pdf
The Mudge Family Collection contains six scrapbooks of newspaper clippings about the Civil War labeled 'Incidents in the War of Abolition' by Susan Hotchkiss Mudge (Mrs. Solomon Mudge).

Solomon and Susan Mudge were from New England but lived in…

Captain Donald T Wright Collection.pdf
A collection of photographs and miscellaneous materials relating to Captain Donald T. Wright, riverboat captain and editor and publisher of Waterways Journal (St. Louis) from 1922-1965.

Jane E. Rosinos Collection 1986.pdf
This collection includes materials related to Jane George Easton Rosinos (Mrs. Harry N. Rosinos) a journalist and writer from Edwardsville, Illinois.

Clippings of historical events: Vietnam War, Watergate, congressional voting records from 1975-1985

Carl R. Baldwin was a prominent investigative reporter and historian for the Metro-East, Illinois region, reporting for the East St. Louis Journal and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He began his journalism career in 1925 for the East St. Louis Journal…

The Metro-East Journal reported news of cultural, social, and historical significance on Madison and St. Clair counties from 1889 until its closure in 1979. The paper ran under several names during that time: The East St. Louis Journal, East St.…

John B. Bowman.pdf
The John B. Bowman Bound Newspapers Collections contains personal papers of the John Bowman, founder of the City of East St. Louis, and his family as well as personal copies of the newspaper he published, The East St. Louis Gazette.
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