Out of the Gate


Out of the Gate


Jazz recording by Jean Kittrell and the St. Louis Rivermen for Music Masters. Personnel of the St. Louis Rivermen on this recording include Jean Kittrell on piano/vocals, John Becker on banjo, David "Red" Lehr on sousaphone, Steve Lilley on cornet, Glenn Meyer on clarinet, Don Schroeder on drums/valve trombone, and Brett Stamps on trombone. A full track list is available in the liner notes and cover transcription.


Jean Kittrell and the St. Louis Rivermen


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[Back cover]
1. CAMPTOWN RACES (Stephen Foster, 1850) 3:31
2. LOVE ME WITH A FEELING (Sidney Bechet) 2:57
3. JUST A LITTLE WHILE TO STAY HERE (gospel hymn) 4:06
5. LOUISIANA (J.C. Johnson, Andy Razar, Bob Schafer) 4:50
6. I CAN'T GET STARTED (Ira Gershwin, Vernon Duke, 1936) 3:48
8. I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR YOU (Alex Hill, Bob Williams, Claude Hopkins, 1932) 4:13
9. SI TU VOIS MA MERE (Sidney Bechet) 3:27
10. SWEETHEARTS ON PARADE (Carmen Lombardo, Charles Newman, 1928) 3:47
11. DOWNHEARTED BLUES (Alberta Hunter, 1923) 4:44
12. OVER IN THE GLORYLAND (gospel hymn) 3:01
13. CAROLINA IN THE MORNING (Walter Donaldson, Gus Kahn, 1922) 3:17
14. I FOUND A NEW BABY (Jack Palmer, Spencer Williams, 1926) 3:48
Total Playing Time 54:00
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Manufactured by: Music Masters, St. Louis, Missouri, USA MM-34929-2
[Inside jacket]
The cornet's opening Call to the Post on Stephen Foster's "Camptown Races" tells you the horses will soon be OUT OF THE GATE and the race on to make this third CD by JEAN KITTRELL & THE ST. LOUIS RIVERMEN a winner.
Two new members in the band - Steve Lilley on cornet and Brett Stamps on trombone - tire up the five stalwart RIVERMEN of seventeen years together, giving a keen edge of excitement to hot numbers like "Emperor Norton's Hunch" and "I Would Do Anything for You." Steve also shines as a soloist on "I Can't Get Started."
Four arrangements by the drummer and valve/trombonist Don Schroeder hold an inside track with their imaginative harmonies and counterpoint: the title tune, which Don also sings
two Sidney Bechet ballads - "Love Me with a Feeling" featuring clarinetist Glenn Meyer and "Si Tu Vois Ma Mere" featuring sousaphonist David "Red" Lehr
and a banjo specialty for John Becker, "Nothing Could Be Finer Than to Be in Carolina in the Morning."
Two gospel hymns with galloping syncopations - "Over in the Gloryland" and "Just a Little While to Stay Here" - hold their own with the marching trot of "Sweethearts on Parade" and the smooth swinging gait of "Louisiana."
No RIVERMEN race would be complete without some realistic songs by Jean Kittrell to keep the runners on track - "My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More" and "Downhearted Blues."
There's a neck to neck finish with the clarinet and drums battling it out, and the rest of the band joining in on "I Found a New Baby."
The RIVERMEN and JEAN are betting that you'll enjoy this race. If you don't - oh, well, you didn't lose too much money, did you?
[Back of jacket]
Jean Kittrell, piano/vocals
John Becker, banjo
David "Red" Lehr, sousaphone
Steve Lilley, cornet
Glenn Meyer, clarinet
Don Schroeder, drums/valve trombone
Brett Stamps, trombone
Producer, Jean Kittrell
Engineer, Greg Trampe
Recorded at Music Masters, St. Louis, MO, May 14 and 15, 1999
Layout by Andrea Dinger at Music Masters

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Jean Kittrell and the St. Louis Rivermen, “Out of the Gate,” Digital Exhibits, accessed July 22, 2024, https://digitallis.isg.siue.edu/items/show/2799.

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