This exhibit was made possible through an interdisciplinary effort of students and faculty in the departments of anthropology and library & information services.


Jean Kittrell Digital Exhibit Project Contributor, Dana Lewis

Dana Lewis:
Dana is pursuing an MA in Cultural Heritage and Resource Management through the Integrative Studies program at SUIE along with a certificate in Museum Studies. She received undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Music from the University of Missouri - St. Louis in 2018. Her work on the Jean Kittrell digital exhibit is funded through a Competitive Graduate Award, and she is also a research and collections assistant for the Hartenberger World Music Collection at the Sheldon Art Galleries in St. Louis. After graduation, Dana is interested in a career in museum collections management.

Dana’s primary responsibilities included metadata creation and management, project planning, and exhibit development using museum models. Based on initial storyboard and thematic planning done by Emily Warf in 2016, Dana created a concept diagram, additional storyboarding, detailed page outlines, and exhibit text. She also completed additional digitization and assisted with photography of items in the Jean Kittrell Collection for inclusion in the digital exhibit.
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Jean Kittrell Digital Exhibit Project Contributor, Emily Warf

Emily Warf:
Emily graduated from SIUE in 2017 with an undergraduate degree in History and Anthropology. Her work on the Jean Kittrell project stemmed from the collaboration between the National Ragtime and Jazz Archive (Library & Information Services) and the Anthropology Department. Through the yearlong internship, volunteer work and senior project research, Emily was able to create finding aids, assist in conducting a photo elicitation interview with Kittrell, and produce a storyboard for the exhibit. She hopes that her work in both departments inspires the importance of interdepartmental collaboration in the development and completion of major projects in university settings.
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Jean Kittrell Digital Exhibit Project Contributor, Therese Dickman

Therese Dickman
Fine Arts Librarian and Associate Professor
Curator of the National Ragtime & Jazz Archive and Music Special Collections
Library & Information Services

Jean Kittrell Digital Exhibit Project Contributor, Dr. Cory Willmott

Dr. Cory Willmott
Department of Anthropology
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Jean Kittrell Digital Exhibit Project Contributor, Marlee Graser

Marlee Graser
Metadata Librarian
Library & Information Services

Jean Kittrell Digital Exhibit Project Contributor, Ginger Stricklin

Ginger Stricklin
Digital Imaging Specialist
Library & Information Services

Additional thanks to:
Lydia Jackson, Interim Dean of Library & Information Services
Doug Meyer and Matt Gross, Library & Information Services
Ben Ostermeier, IRIS Center