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1989 Dixieland Jubilee jazz festival in Sacramento, California, where the St. Louis Rivermen performed. The festival was held for 44 years and was at its height the second largest music festival in the United States. Support and organization for the…

Publicity photo of the St. Louis Rivermen posing on sidewalk near corner wall. Top row L-R: Jean Kittrell, John Becker with banjo, David "Red" Lehr leaning on sousaphone, Jimmy Haislip with trombone, Bill Mason with cornet

Group photo taken by Frank Warren of the St. Louis Rivermen in 1994 performing at Redwood Coast Jazz Festival in Eureka, California. L-R: David "Red" Lehr on sousaphone, John Becker on tenor banjo, Jimmy Haislip on trombone, Dan Havens on cornet, Don…
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